Give Yourself Added Protection

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When you’re concerned that your primary insurance policy doesn’t provide the coverage you need, consider an umbrella insurance policy. Haun-Magruder Inc. will help you find the best liability insurance options in Woodstock & Winchester, Virginia.
An umbrella insurance policy goes above the limits of your basic policy. It can protect you from:

  • Bodily injury liability claims
  • Property damage liability claims
  • Costs related to litigation

It can help when you’re found liable in a lawsuit or if you’re sued and need to pay for your defense. Call 540-459-2145 today to find the right umbrella insurance policy. We service, Woodstock, Shenandoah County, Winchester, and the surrounding Virgina areas. 

Get the right policy to protect your assets

Liability insurance is meant to protect your assets, including your home, car and bank accounts. You don't want one unforeseen accident to send you into financial ruin. Haun-Magruder Inc. will walk you through various policy options to find one that provides the peace of mind you're searching for.

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